You'll have an RSVP system on your site.
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Don’t send out the dreaded RSVP that your guests have to put somewhere safe until they get round to filling it out and then posting it back to you. Everyone who’s sent out an RSVP card knows what it’s like waiting on the postman to bring them ALL back to you again so you can get on with your table plans etc.

Now you don’t have to, simply pop in an RSVP form on your website and your guests from the comfort of their own phone, tablet, laptop or pc can accept or decline your invitation in 60 seconds.

They can even send you a message with any dietary requirements, accommodation questions etc. All you have to do is login to your website and you’ll see all the RSVP info –

our big day online

Any Questions You May have -

I found my website to be a life saver, if I wanted to make any detailed changes to the wedding day itself and I needed the guests to know all I had to do was update my website and everyone could see.
Fiona Collins

We got our website early on in our preparations so I was able to post up the engagement party details, where it was, what time etc, plus afterwards I posted up the photos. It’s fantastic the way RSVP’s come in, such a blessing and I’m organised.
Laura Coleman

We got the drone to cover our wedding, the results…WOW, every wedding should have one!!! but I got the website just for the RSVP functionality, no messing having to do 150 RSVP’s and then wait for them to come back to me, I had  80% of my guests RSVP’d in the first week because they could just log onto my website and check a box, worth it alone for that.
Lucy McKenna

Here’s a few ideas of what you might put up on your site

Your Story / Engagement party details / Countdown timer to the big day / Hen & Stag details / Church info and location / Reception info and location plus accommodation details / Wedding party details, who’s who / RSVP acceptance, no more waiting for people to post them back / GuestBook, site visitors can leave you a message -Photo albums, post photos of the engagement, hen & stag do’s / Honeymoon details, show off to everyone with photos of where you’re off too / Gift registry And whatever else you can think of
You’ll be able to see all your respondents in a list with any message they may have sent as well. If you need to email them back all you need to do is click on their email address and you’ll be taken into your own email client so you can reply to them. This is a great way to view the list of guests who have RSVP’d you at a glance. Look at the example below, you can see who’s RSVP’d

The main benefit of the online RSVP is 

  • You have full control over it
  • Saves on costs – the RSVP itself and stamps
  • All your respondents are in one neat place
  • Guests can type in a message re dietary requirements or any questions they may have
  • The system allows you to click their email addresses and reply to them
  • You can firm up your numbers quicker, therefore less stress – Sample Below

......The Cost


we are on social media platforms as well, make your wedding day reach the people you want it to reach. Don’t forget the website stays live for 1 year!!!!!